Workforce UK specialises in helping candidates like you find jobs, where you feel valued and have room to grow.


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Finding a job can be a hassle, that’s where Workforce UK comes in. We’re here to make your life easier, no matter whether you’re looking for a part time or full time position.

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We know that when you’re looking for a job sometimes you need help. Our agency is always there to provide advice, guidance and answer any questions. Truly, nothing is too much trouble.

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We have temporary and permanent job vacancies in construction, warehouse, driving, industrial and retail. Even if there isn’t a role which is right for you at the moment, you can send us your CV and we can then help you find the right role.

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Gemma S.


I'm really pleased and satisfied with AS Workforce UK. All of their team agents provide an excellent service that is unmatched amongst any other that I have encountered in the past.

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Ash B.


Started with a face-to-face consultation, regsitration was professional and informative. They found me a great role, exactly what I was looking for.

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Jake H.


I have had a number of experiences with AS Workforce and I find their caring and professional attitude very refreshing and I would recommend this organisation to anyone looking for work.


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